Domain Cycling Extra Large Gel Exercise Bike Seat Cushion Cover, Stationary Recumbent Bicycle Rowing Machine

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Product Features

PREMIUM QUALITY - Well made, not junk! We at Domain Cycling selected the best materials for our seat cover so it feels just right on your saddle and lasts a long time. Includes a NON-SLIP Underside that helps keep our seat cover in place! PLENTY OF CUSHION - Over an inch thick! Made of Both Gel and Foam for that Perfect Mix of Comfort! Includes a center recess for anatomic relief and comfort. Great on any bike with wide or rectangle style seats, including Recumbent Bikes, Rowing Machines, or Exercise Bikes! MEASURE CAREFULLY - This cover measures about 15.5" Wide x 11.5" Length. Fits rectangle shaped exercise bike seats and Wide Style Seats. DESIGNED to be slightly stiff so it wouldn't compress too easily! It may take time to get used to, but we found this to be better than other similar seat covers with softer cushions that compress too easily and don't provide enough cushion! We've test a lot of designs and love this best! 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will take it back! Just return through Amazon. No need to compare to others, stop browsing and Order Now! Thanks :-)

Product Information


Rowing Machine Seat Cushion is one of the best features of the rowing machine. It ensures comfort while rowing and helps to prevent injuries. This piece of equipment also acts as a very good support to prevent backaches and sciatica. Rowing Machine Seat Cushion from Sunny will be the best selection for this product. It has been specially designed and manufactured to provide maximum comfort and support to improve your performance.

Rowing Machine Seat Cushion by Sunny is specially made with the concept of heat control. It has been made to keep your feet warm during rowing. It also has the capacity to reduce heat around the body and thus protects you from the sudden changes in temperature while rowing. It is highly recommended that if you have sensitive skin on your knees then this seat cushion is not for you. Always use rowing machines with the proper coolant or heat regulating tools in order to avoid any damage to your skin.

Rowing Machine Seat Cushion by Sunny features the best foam materials and innovative materials that use multiple technologies such as Super Memory Foam, Heat Treated Gel and Custom Water Refinitive Foam. The foam used is specially formulated to reduce the impact and heat of the rowing machine when used on regular foam mattresses or pillows. The foam is not only approved by the FDA but also recommended by fitness experts. It is one of the best and the most comfortable seat cushions available in the market today. There is many Rower Seat Cushions by Sunny that is superior to its competitors and it is because of the unique foams and seat pads.

Sunny rowing machine seat cushions are made with memory foam in mind. It was designed by NASA to reduce the stress and pressure that the astronauts face while in space. So it is better than any other traditional cushion available. The foam has a very unique density that only high quality products can achieve. Due to its unique composition of the foam does not compress or lose shape unlike most traditional seat cushions.

You can expect from this brand a comfortable fit all day long. Even if you have to sit on the cushion for a longer period of time it will not cause any irritation to your back. If you have to sit on the cushion for hours, your back will not feel any discomfort. The design of the seat cushion allows your foot to rest flat against the floor. There is no awkwardness with this rower and hence you get maximum productivity out of it.

The best thing about Sunny's seat cushions is that there are no cut outs. Unlike most other foam seat cushions you will find cut outs in most of them. When you sit on the seat cushions, you will find that the cushion rides up to your butt leave your hips and thighs exposing. With this, the comfort level can be significantly reduced.

With these exceptional rowing seat pads you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional cushion without the hassle. They work just like a traditional cushion with your feet on the bottom and your buttocks on the rest. However, it will not allow your butt to press against the cushion. This means that your butt will not be pressed into the seat making it more comfortable for your sitter. Not only will your buttocks be comfortably nestled into the cushion but you will also be able to sit properly and avoid the pain.

Sunny's Rowing Machine Seat Cushions are available in a variety of sizes and cushions are designed to be used on both standard and high Performance rowers. You can use these cushions even with your high performance machine to prevent any sort of accidents when you are working with it. There is a wide range of colors available in these cushions. You can also find them in different patterns that will add to the appeal. You can choose from rubber, silicone, foam and gel to suit your needs and the needs of your sitter.

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