The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Bowflex Home Gyms is a unique product designed to help people achieve their fitness goals. These machines provide multiple benefits including weight loss, improved muscle development and a general sense of well-being. They have become extremely popular with people who are recovering from injuries or those trying to manage everyday health problems. Bowflex Home Gyms also helps improve strength, balance, and endurance. BOWFLEX XCEED Home Gym provides an easy to use multiple pulley system and recumbent bike exercise machine that are combined with a variety of well-built and stylish home fitness equipment pieces.



The design of the Bowflex Xceed home gym includes a full body vertical shaft, with an assortment of hand rails to allow for safe and comfortable working out. The recumbent bike offers the same great workout of the original but in a more compact form that are easy to store and stow away. Both the squat bar and the leg attachment feature fully adjustable resistance levels, giving you the ability to create a challenging program suited for your needs.


The rowing and vertical bars are designed so that the user can perform a variety of workouts. The BOWFLEX Xceed Home Gym includes an impressive collection of weights, including five dumbbells, and a vertical rowing bench that allow you to perform a complete body workout. This bench includes built-in leg attachment and is great for those looking to add some variation to their workouts. The horizontal bench has an included Swiss ball which makes it possible to perform a variety of bench pressing and chest pressing exercises. The arm extension and lat machine add stability to your upper body as you build upper body strength.


The recumbent bike offers the same comfort and convenience of the vertical and horizontal bench machines with the added benefit of a more interactive workout. You are able to adjust the tension on the handlebars to target your abs and biceps. This makes the BOWFLEX Xceed Home Gym an effective tool for both the beginner and experienced exerciser. The BOWFLEX has an LCD panel displaying the time and distance covered in the workout session. This makes it easier than ever before to set up your gym routine and monitor your progress.


The resistance level is fully variable to ensure that you are getting an effective workout. You can start with basic weight training and build your way up to performing squats, lunges, and curls to target specific muscles. The resistance levels are variable on the fly, so you can easily vary your workout according to the need of your body. The BOWFLEX Home Gym also comes with an impressive collection of leg exercises including a 12-week bootcamp exercise program that includes not only squats, lunges, and curls but also workouts for your legs with the abs included, as well as core workouts such as abdominal crunches. There are several other workout routines for your upper body and arms that will leave you feeling healthier, fitter, and more energetic than ever before.


The Bowflex Xcelerator enables you to perform squats, lunges, and crunches without using a spotter. This makes it convenient to target your abs and legs without the presence of another person. The patented circular motion of the ab harness intensifies workout intensity as the user attains increased muscle involvement during each repetition. The resistance offered by the ab harness can be adjusted on the fly to target your upper or lower body.


The BOWFLEX Home Gym comes complete with an ab roller and leg developer to maximize your workout. The AB Rollers can be used in vertical and horizontal positions to provide an increased resistance. The Leg Developers provides resistance in the form of cables that activate muscles while you are performing squats. The Home Gym also includes a power rod and tire machine to give you a full body workout. The power rods provide resistance when you are doing ab crunches or lunges, thereby intensifying each movement. The tire machine provides a full-body cardiovascular workout that is similar to the rowing machine found in the gym.


The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. The warranty not only covers defects directly caused by the bowflex home gym, but also covers repair and replacement of any workout equipment that is manufactured by the company. The price for the Bowflex XC review is quite reasonable when compared to other fitness equipment of this type. If you are considering purchasing a bowflex, you should take a look at the reviews provided by consumers and make sure that the device that you ultimately choose works well for you.