The Bowflex Xceed

The Bowflex XCeed is a lower version of the original XCeed. It features fewer adjustable pulleys, but it comes with more than adequate exercise sets. The original XCeed featured nearly two hundred and fifty exercises. This new model features about a hundred exercises. In this review, going over the new model, the first model 100383.



The reason I love the Bowflex Xceed so much is because it allows me to use its pre-programmed workout for just about any type of muscle group. If I am looking to build big muscle fast, i.e. to get muscle mass, I use the standard exercises on the machine. However, if I am looking to lose body fat, i.e. to burn calories, I will vary my exercise routines from time to time.


There are a total of eight exercises included on the Xceed. These exercises are: squats, chest presses, dead lifts, overhead press, shoulder press, preacher curls, chest flyes, rows, and chin ups. This makes it easy to target all of the muscles in my chest, shoulders, and back. If you want to work your chest and back, there are many more exercises that will target these areas. This makes the Bowflex Xceed one of the most versatile home gym machines on the market.


Another great thing about the Bowflex Xceed (otherwise known as the Bowflex Home Gym) is that it is very easy to assemble. It takes just a few minutes to put together and I can usually do it in my own home gym. The reason that it is so easy to set up and to use is because of the non-weight bearing design of the frame. The design forces you to rely on the strength of your legs to lift the weights. This forces you to use your leg strength to do the majority of your exercises which makes it extremely effective for toning your legs.


Another reason why this Xceed is so great is that it is extremely compact (which is key when looking for home gyms). I purchased mine a few months ago and can only fit it in my living room. It is only a couple of inches thick, which makes it extremely portable and compact.


The actual gym machine is composed of five major parts: the frame, the tension arm, the vertical bench, the horizontal bench, and the ankle support. The frame is what holds the entire unit together. The tension arm consists of four parts: an ankle strap, two ankle weights, and one pulley. The vertical bench is what you will use to work your chest and upper back muscles.


The actual workout consists of five workouts: the basic row, the basic incline, the preacher curl, the decline press, and the basic plyometric blast. The bench press on The Bowflex Xceed was designed especially for the new generation of Crossfit athletes. The tension arm on this particular machine allows you to do multiple curls and thus builds your leg strength very well. The pulley system on the Xceed allows you to perform bench presses that are close to those performed by Olympic lifters. In addition, the pulley system allows you to perform very heavy squats and dead lifts.


The Xceed also has many other features that make it extremely user friendly. You can adjust the tension and resistance on the pulley system and this makes it very adjustable and functional. There is even a memory function which stores previous workout information so that you can repeat the same exercises again without having to worry about starting from the beginning. In short, the Xceed is the perfect Crossfit machine and even a beginner's workout should be a breeze with the many workouts and features this machine has.